Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kryzukna, come-a he-ya! - my Babcia

I have been on the phone all night listening to people with computer problems and trying to help them. I've been trying to get to the bottom of error messages, explaining how to use wysiwygs and set up folders, and trying to help friends get their Internet back to where it was. Granted, I am working towards a Master's in Library Science (which is a type of IT degree these days) but this was my one night off! I LOVE computers and how easy they have made many things, but I truly wish that we could go back to the way things cell phones (how did we ever survive?), no email, and Blue Laws. I love Blue Laws! For those of you who are to young to remember, stores used to be closed on Sundays. The only things that were open were the supermarket (for a few hours), the druggist (same), the bakery (again, same), and families used to go to Church and have Sunday Dinner with the family (hence why I was thinking of my babcia...that's grandmother in Polish for all you non-Polish folk! I miss her cucumber salad and her beets with beef bits and especially the cherry soda and cookies from D'Amicos in Brooklyn!). There was a much simpler time not so long ago, where the things that gave us so much joy were not quite as complicated as they are now. For a girl who loves her toys, I truly miss having nights where I could just crack open a book, make some tea, and unplug the RJ11 from the phone and have a quiet night! This edition is about things that could take place now and could have taken place then...some things have not changed! There are still some great places to hear live music, places to walk while holding someone's hand, and great old movies to see again!

Oh, and the quote above? My babcia didn't speak much English, though she tried. She spoke this strange pidgin language that was a combination of Polish and English that I called Ponglish. She has been gone for about eleven years now, but the one thing that can take me back oh so quickly is hearing my friends scream that at me (they thought it hilarious). That and hearing, "Ranoush? Ranoush? Kryzukna no he-ya...where Kryzukna? Where Kryzia?" In case you haven't figured it out...Kryzukna and Kryzia are Little Christine and Chrissie in Polish...yup, that would be my name! Kind of sounds like I should be rooming with Nanook of the North!

Got a case of the blues...
Since I started the new drug therapy, I've been wired, a bit irritable, and very melancholy. (I did lose five pounds this week though...woohoo!) It's a perfect week for me to go see a blues band. I'll be able to relate! And I'm in luck...a great new blues band that is starting to get booked for more and more gigs is playing. I don't usually post cover bands, but my buddy Jay F. is the drummer, and they really are good! Make a point of checking out Smokin' Gun at the Handlebar in Port Jeff on the 18th! (Hey, Jay, what do I have to do to get a shout out for this blog on your site? Be nice!)

Speaking of Jay and Port Jeff, Jay Scott will be playing at Lulu's Village Pub on Thursday!

Thursday, Phil Minissale will be playing at Bobbique and Friday at Cool Beanz! If you have not seen him, make a point of going...he is the future of blues! And with no cover on Thurs and a kick-butt beer could you not? I may just pop down after I get off at the library!

Saw this great band at the last Lobby show...Last Charge of the Light Horse. To me, it sounds like what would happen if Phish and Cake had a baby...I have been playing the CD in my car since the show! It's kind of jam band meets punk/alternative, and the singer definitely sounds like the singer from Cake. Just got an email from them...and I know it's way early, but mark your calendars as they will be playing the Vail-Leavitt Music Hall on November 20.

It's all Greek to me!
This weekend is the St. Paraskevi Greek Festival in Greenlawn! I love Greek food (though no one wants to be near me after I chow down on a gyro with extra onions and yogurt sauce!) and what better way to partake in the epicurean delights, the music, and maybe a little ouzo (I hope I spelled that right!)...Hey, Soren and Rich...I hope you're reading this! Hopa! (And Mitch, since I do know that you read this regularly, tell your partners in crime!)

Lon Chaney, anyone?
Got an email from Ben Model...he's the gentleman who plays at the Cinema Arts with the silent films, he also plays at the MoMA and is one of the very cool people mentioned on this blog a lot. He's a very talented organist who plays accompaniment for those silent films I mention on here (If you haven't gone to see one of these shows, you should! Back in the day, movies didn't have soundtracks or even a voice track...they were silent and musicians would play in time with what was happening in the movie...). Well...Ben will be playing at Cinema Arts on the 28th with a showing of the flick "West of Zanzibar" with Lon Chaney! It's (and Ben, I'm going to quote you) a creepfest not available on DVD! As I am a girl who loves old horror flicks, I may just have to end class early to see this!

Also at CAC, the Theatre of the Wild is presenting "Know Your Enemy" --a retrospective of American war propaganda. Sound lame? I don't think so! Click on the link and you'll see what I mean!

All for now! I'll try and update again on Saturday before I go to Bruce's fundraiser! Hope to see you all there!

You know the deal...have a gig? Email me at! And please note...I am probably hooking the URL to a Wordpress page in the near future, so I can get the best of a blog and a website at one time! Keep an eye out for the upcoming new, HOT site!

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