Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dinner and a Little Music

Well, we're halfway through the week, so let me get some fresh info out there for all of you looking for things to do and places to go for the next few days!
Has anyone besides me ever noticed that some really good ethnic food can be the best bargain around? The Curry Club has just opened a new location in Lake Grove in addition to its Setauket flagship. With appetizers as low as $3.99, it is definitely possible to dine like a rajah while having a pauper's purse!
Salsa Salsa in Smithtown and Port Jeff has fresh ingredients, low prices, and something for everyone (even if you think you don't like Mexican!). Appetizers start at $2.75, and I highly suggest the mesquite grilled chicken fajita burrito.
Pasta Pasta (what is it with these strange double names?) would not normally be listed here, but with a lunch menu that includes brick oven pizzas around $11.00 and pasta dishes around the same price point, it is indeed possible to eat well at an incredible restaurant for under $30.00 for two people.
Toast, also located in Port Jeff, has a kicking breakfast and lunch menu and hosts "Toast and Jam" on weekend evenings. It can get very busy for the "Toast and Jam" events, and the prices go up, so make a point of going earlier in the day.
The Snapper Inn, located in Oakdale, features a Wednesday nite prix fixe dinner special for $12.99 per person (does not include beverages). I haven't been to the Snapper in a while, so if someone could post back with a review as to whether it's worth the trip, I'd appreciate it!
My buddy Brian wrote in to let me know of a spot he liked and felt it deserved "Four Cheap Date Long Island Stars (TM)" (yes, Brian, I am giving you props for coining the phrase!) And I quote:
"I've got an entry for you - Gaby & I just found it the other day: Monday nights is All You Can Eat night at the Bayview Clam Shack at the East Islip Marina (at the end of Bay View Avenue, first street west of Carlton Ave off of Montauk Hwy). $10.95pp! And it was good!631-665-9821They had live music (2 guys with guitars...meh), and about 8 different dishes available for the AYCE special. IF you're able to eat more than one plate full (I certainly couldn't), you are allowed to change your selection for each successive plate. Good food, nice (VERY causal) atmosphere, and a gorgeous view. Four CheapDate Stars! (TM) (<---Bah ha!! Beat ya to it!!)"
Mary Lamont will be playing a free show at the Brentwood Library Friday, July 17. Newsday has called her the "Queen of Long Island Country" for good reason. If you are not in Patchogue to see Miller's Crossing this Friday, make a point of catching this gig.
As I had mentioned earlier, the Riverhead Blues Festival will be going on this weekend. Many great artists will be performing...please see my earlier post about this.
Culture Vultures
The Three Village Historic Society will be hosting a walking tour exploring Setauket's architecture and natural beauty. Wear comfortable shoes, as you will be walking for over an hour. $5.00 per person.
Wyland Galleries in Sayville will be featuring the works of Walfrido, a Hawaiian artist whose "painting with light" techniques are reminiscent of Thomas Kinkaide (without the overly commercial, cheesy, midwestern housewife thinks it's "real art" factor. It's still commercial, but a lot of people are into that Hawaiian thing...and it's a just wee bit less cutesy than Kinkaide. Not my thing, but people like it.).FREE
Christopher Gallery in Stony Brook is featuring the works of Barron Krody. His work reminds me of a combination of Van Gogh, the American Impressionists, Monet, and even a bit of Degas. Definitely worth checking out. FREE
I think I have given you all enough things to get started on to get your weekend rolling. And to make this easier, I have started building a calendar to partner with this blog/site. It should be done sometime next week (as well as the building of the mailing list and the set up of the RSS feed). Check back, check often and let me have your thoughts and suggestions! Till next time!

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