Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Can't sleep, clown will eat me..." -- Bart Simpson

Blogger really seems to be acting up lately! I can't add things on...I can't format correctly. What a pain! It took me about fifteen tries to log in tonight! Last week I couldn't add video. Now my videos are only rendering intermittently, photos too. UGH!!! I want my mommy!

All the world loves a clown...NOT!
Anyhow...I had no idea how many people feared clowns! Coulrophobia is actually quite common, and is usually based upon a childhood experience with a particular clown. That being said, for those of you who do NOT fear clowns, I wanted to give you all some information about something that looks amazing! The best part is that it continues on for several weeks! The New York Clown Theatre Festival has many events that are either free or $15 per person. Ben Model, who some of you have seen at Cinema Arts doing the accompaniment for the silent films and is often mentioned on this blog, is one of the featured speakers. (Bury My Heart at Dumbass Cowboy and The Brazilian Hulk Show look really interesting as well!).

A mighty wind...
I love Christopher Guest movies but have yet to see that one. It came to mind as I'm looking at the schedule for the Common Ground in Sayville and noticing that on September 6 Gathering Time will be playing. FREE.

Art Farts, looky here!
The University Art Gallery at Stony Brook features its Faculty Exhibition 2008. FREE. While there, check out the Staller Center movie schedule...the seaon passes are definitely worth the money!

Tapas, anyone?
Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us! What better way to celebrate than to learn about Spanish food? The Brentwood Public Library is hosting Chef Charlie's Tapas on Monday, September 8 at 7PM. FREE. Maybe you're looking to burn off some of those calories...the Pat-Med Library will be hosting Salsa Dancing lessons on September 11. All classes require a library card to participate.

A good offense is the best defense...
While on the topic of the Pat-Med Library, they're also offering self defense classes. Wednesday, September 10, 7PM.

Miss Chris has been waiting for this opportunity-
-to try something new and hopefully not make TOO much of a fool of herself! Contradance season has arrived...and with events in Water Mill and Smithtown, you KNOW I'll be trying this out this month!

A little bacchanalia, perhaps?
September 6, FREE. Wine Tasting 101 at Cellar Tastings. You MUST RSVP for this event! Or how about some snake with your wine? Come see a snake charmer and fire thrower while you relax with a glass of wine at Peconic Bay Vineyard this Friday! Mambo Loco will be there Sunday!

Blue Point Brewery has a tasting room that is open usually from 4-7PM on Thurs-Saturday. Come on down and let your inner hippie rejoice with beers like Old Howling Bastard and Hoptical Illusion!

All for now...Miss Chris is tired what with the first week of school and all! I'll be back in a few days with more things for y'all to do. Don't forget to email me at!

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